Battle of Gettysburg Regimental Stein

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This 10” tall, .5 liter, porcelain, transfer decoration beer stein is the second in the series of limited edition regimental steins, featuring famous battles of the Civil War. The primary focus of the wrap-around scene is General Armistead, seconds before his death, as he is about to place his hand on one of Cushing’s cannons during Pickett’s charge on the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg. A see-through lithophane picture of General Robert E. Lee appears in the porcelain stein base. The ornamental pewter lid is decorated with stars, cannon balls, swords, and US & CS symbols. A pewter artillery cannon figurine is mounted on the lid. Limited edition of 5,000 registered and individually numbered pieces. Small flaw on the word Army - the “A” - is slightly crooked. Please examine the photos carefully.

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