1989 House of Heileman Stein

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NEW OLD STOCK: Issued in 1989 this 9 3/8" tall ceramic beer stein, with raised relief,  produced for the House of Heileman, the one time maker of many of today's favorites brands. In the center of the stein is a portrait of Gottlieb Heileman with the House of Heileman logo. One one side Gottlieb is shown inspecting some beer. On the other side a The sides of the stein features a Heileman delivery wagon. A red banner goes across each scene with "We don't aim to make the most beer, only the best beer!". Around the bottom of the mug are the logos of the beers that are part of the House of Heileman family, Champale, La Croix, Henry Weinhard, Rainier, Colt 45, Old Style, Lone Star, Schmidt, Special Export and Iron City. This mug was only available, originally, for stock holders to order. Individually number limited edition.