2006 King Limitat Beer Stein

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This stein is the seventh edition in the series. This handsome limited edition collectible is a genuine work of art and is based on an historic original, currently in the archives of King-Werk in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. Sculpted by famous stein designer Peter Dueler around the year 1875, this magnificent stein is a tribute to King Solomon, who was renowned far and wide for his great wisdom. It features King Solomon seated triumphantly upon his horse on the central panel. The panels on either side feature Justicia (the Goddess of Justice), holding the symbolic scales of justice and Fortitudo (the Goddess of Fortune), pictured with a laughing lion. Surrounding the main characters are a myriad of Cherubs and demons representing the forces of good and evil. King Solomon's fabled temple is pictured on the stein's base. The finely detail scenes are beautifully hand sculpted in dramatic raised relief. This remarkable relief detail is also manifest on the ornately decorated genuine pewter lid which crowns this work of art. The sculptor's justifiable price in his work is documented by the fact that he included his initials near all three relief panels. 14 1/2" tall, limited to 2500 pieces. Made in Germany by King-Werk.