2010 Miller Master of Memories Series V Evening Chores Mug

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NEW OLD STOCK: Fifth edition in the Terry Redlin The Masters of Memories Series. The harvest is in and a hard day's work almost finished. The setting sun highlights overflowing corn bins and stacked hay bales. Lights in the barn and house tell us milking is underway and that supper will soon be ready. From the foreground rise, however, the old hand-operated disc reminds us of a more primitive era. and the mallards, with their own set of priorities, head for a well earned rest in the barnyard pond. Terry Redlin's warm and romantic images are quiet testimony to his Tom Sawyer-type boyhood and the colorful stories he heard from his uncles and older friends. Redlin is truly a Master of Memories that shows in all his paintings. 7 1/4" tall. Made in China.