Budweiser 1890 Barrel Wagon Stein

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NEW OLD STOCK: As long as Anheuser-Busch has been brewing beer, the company has also had to find ways to transport its products to vendors across the county. Over the years, the brewery has taken advantage of many different modes of transportation. The Early Delivery Days Series commemorates the methods Anheuser-Busch used to distribute its beers, beginning with the horse-drawn barrel wagon represented on this first edition in this series. Series artist Don Curran captures the nostalgic charm of a bygone era on this 1890's Budweiser Barrel Wagon Stein. The street scene shows an Anheuser-Busch barrel wagon making a stop at a local tavern. Two draught horses lead the wagon, which is loaded on top and beneath with wooden barrels of beer. The wagon driver and the pub's proprietor stand alongside the vehicle as a curious observer watches the transaction from a window above. The detailed illustration is bordered at the bottom by a circle  of wooden beer crates. Features a pewter lid with ceramic inlay and pewter remarque. 8 3/4" tall. Comes in original gift box. Made by Ceramarte of Brazil.