Budweiser World War I Stein

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NEW OLD STOCK: It was called the Great War. In part because people could not comprehend any future war more widespread or horrific. But World War I, as this third edition in the series, not only helped usher in a new century, it forever changed the way war was fought by mankind. Through representative photography of the era, artist Miro Sinovcic's stein design captures many of the modern innovations that helped turn ta conflict in the Balkans into warfare on a global scale. It also realistically portrays the timeless aspects of war - camaraderie, heroism, destruction, despair, loss and victory - as it symbolically spans the years of World War I, 1914-1918. 9 3/4" tall. Made by Ceramarte of Brazil. Limited up to 10,000 individually numbered pieces. Comes in original box, but the box does have some damage.