Pabst Blue Ribbon One by Land Two by Sea Wood Sign

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Original, 1970s, vintage, wood sign featuring the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo on a glass mug of Pabst. This vintage wood sign features Cool Blue, holding one beer in his right hand and two beers in his left hand, below Cool Blue is ONE IF BY LAND TWO IF BY SEA.  Across the top of the sign PABST since 1844 and across the bottom The quality always comes through. Marked in the bottom corner P-1715 PABST BREWING COMPANY MILWAUKEE, WIS PEORIA HEIGHTS, IL NEWARK, NJ LOS ANGELES, CA PABST, GA. Approximately 23 3/4" h x 11" w x 3/4" d. This is an older, original item, please examine the photos carefully.