2007 King Limitat Beer Stein

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This edition comes in two versions full-color and rustic colors. This stein is the eighth edition in the series. This handsome limited edition collectible is a genuine work of art and is based on an historic original, currently in the archives of King-Werk in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. Sculpted by famous stein designer Gustav Thinwibbel fashioned the original circa 1895. It is a handsome stoneware tribute to the master craftsman of the late Middle Ages. A master builder is portrayed in the central panel, a master tailor and his apprentice on the panel to the right, and to the left, a master shoemaker. Each of these scenes are dramatically fashioned in finely detailed raised relief against a dark cobalt background. A myriad of rich medieval fantasy designs embellish the base of the stein. An ornate pewter thumb-lift and 3-tiered pewter lid crown the stein. 13" tall, limited to 2500 pieces.